Our Options

Avalon Elevation B

Brick front - Monticello
Siding: Stone Mountain Clay
Shutters: Blackwatch Green
3 Car Side Load Garage
Floodlights - on 2nd story back left corner of house next to the window, so we can reach out and change the light bulbs (switches in morning room and master bedroom)

Finished Basement
Double Patio Areaway with french patio doors

1st Floor
Extra windows in Living Room
Extra window in the Office
Morning Room
Extra windows in the Morning Room
4' Family Room Extension
Fireplace -  Ledgestone Wisconsin
Recessed lights over the fireplace
Upgraded kitchen with Gourmet Island
Premier IV built in - Stainless/Black - Option Code: 4CH
Granite Countertops
Wood floors in Dining Room, Living Room, Foyer, Office and Family Room
Ceramic Tile in the Kitchen, Laundry Room and Powder Room
Oak staircase - deleted $400 carpet runner
110v outlet on the floor in the Office
Ceiling fan rough-ins in Morning Room, Family Room and Office
Elongated toilets

2nd Floor
Luxury Owner's Suite
Closed of 2 story Family Room
Jack & Jill Bathrooms
3rd Full Bathroom on upper level
Upgraded tile in the Master Bath (C)

Kitchen Cabinets - Non-standard request: Timberlake Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze ($7,495 - very expensive, but they are gorgeous!) Click here for insight on the cabinets that Ryan Homes offers.
Granite - Santa Cecilia
Hardwood Floors - Cherry
Laundry Room & Powder Room - Ceramic Tile - Brixton 12x12 Mushroom with Harvest grout
Master Bathroom - Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout
Upper Level -  Red Bud - Doveshell (standard carpet) with 7/16" Diamond 6lb padding
Main Level - no carpet
Basement -Muslin (level III) with 1/2" Cloud padding

Guardian & Electric
Cable jack in the Basement
Phone jack in the Office
Phone jack in the Master Bedroom
We decided against the security system, because of the required contract. - We were able the security system for free without signing a contract from Guardian with our first Ryan Home 10 years ago.

Any opinions, pointers or tips on kitchen colors would be very much appreciated!  Please comment below.

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  1. We waffled back and forth on getting the carpet runner on the stairs and our sales rep finally helped us with the decision...he pointed out that we could always add it later if we wanted it to avoid slipping, but you can't really remove it if you don't like the look without having to refinish the stairs. We opted to leave it off, love the look, and haven't had one incident yet. We added tons of options...some Ryan Homes(standard options) and others are totally custom on our part. We have talked about most of them on our blog, but if you have questions or want ideas let us know. There isn't too much we would have done differently...just a couple of items.

    1. We met with the flooring company and they said that the runner would be made of the same carpet that is placed upstairs. We are going to opt out and get a custom runner later. There was one that I really liked with a border on it at the Avalon model in our area.

  2. I did not know that the runner could not be removed. That is a good point. I just checked our options list and they are charging us $400 for the runner on the stairs.

  3. We opted to have the runner go up the back steps and leave the foyer steps without. Thought it best to have something for the dog...and the grandchildren! I don't think they would have to be refinished When you take them off....but will ask!!
    Have you started yet?? We hope to be cleared to start next Friday!

    1. Yes, they started! Our first floor is up. We deleted the runner from our contract.

  4. So excited for you! Can't wait for ours to begin!!!

  5. I just found your blog and I am currently building a Courtland. How do/did you like yours? Do you have any pictures you'd be willing to share? Congrats on the new house... the Avalon is beautiful!

  6. How much did you pay in total for your Avalon?