Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up with Pictures

Playing catch up with pictures...

Well pump and fire sprinkler holding tank - 7/24/12
Well pump - 7/24/12
Driveway - 7/25/12
Backing out from the garage 7/25/12
I was worried about not having enough room to back out.
 My PM noted this during our pre-construction meeting
and gave me plenty of room to back out! :-)
Leaving - 7/25/12
Cooktop... we'll switch this out for gas later. 
The propane tank sits right behind this wall.   
In our area, gas cooktops cannot be installed below microwaves
and we did not want a microwave on the counter. 
I also didn't want to lose an oven to a microwave "double oven' combo.
A peek at our granite, cabinets & wood floors! 7/26/12
Family Room, Back Staircase & Kitchen - 7/26/12
Foyer - 7/26/12
Kitchen - 7/26/12

Kitchen - 7/26/12
Kitchen - 7/26/12
The toilets arrived!  7/26/12
Family Room - 7/26/12
This butterfly was trapped in our house.

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  1. Love your kitchen cabs, counters and floor! Beautiful combination!

    1. Thanks! Now I have to pick out knobs or handles.

  2. Everything looks amazing. Love that they give you extra driveway space. We've actually got a call in to the pavers and are going to pay them directly for extra backout space for the side-entry garage.

    1. Thanks! I am surprised that they did not do this for you with a side load garage. How do they expect you to back out? In our neighborhood, they gave everyone a space to back out to the side. Our PM gave us extra space in front of the garage to back out, because I was worried about hitting the trees that sit adjacent to the garage. These type of concerns have to be addressed at the pre-construction meeting, before they budget everything. We have had so many problems throughout this process with Ryan Homes, but our PM has been the best. He will get 10's across the board!

  3. The cabinet/granite/hardwood floor combo of your kitchen looks amazing.

  4. Gorgeous! I do love your kitchen!!

  5. Butterflys represent transformation! How awesome it showed up it your house to reflect transforming from the old home into your dream home.

  6. I love everything!! We had a butterfly trapped in our house and the home inspector helped get him out!!!
    We didn't know about the driveway not being quite wide enough and they just told us they were extending it for getting in and out.

    Just saw an old note, we are in Virginia!

    1. Thank you! I wonder what is attracting the butterflies to our homes.