Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Updates & Pictures

Okay, where do I start?

Mortgage Update

I spoke with our loan officer's manager.  She is going to handle our file from here on out.  She also said that we are going to deal directly with the mortgage broker that they planned on selling our loan to.  A little background info: We refinanced our current house right before we signed a contract for the new home with Ryan Homes.  We are keeping our current house as a rental.  We used the appraisal from the refinance to prove that we had more than 25% equity (loan condition) in our current house that is going to be converted into a rental.

According to NVR, the fact that we refinanced as a primary residence right before signing the contract will make it difficult to sell our loan, even though we have excellent credit.  We disclosed the refinance to NVR on day 1, so I am not really sure why it took almost 4 months to address this.

I am relieved to know that I am in better hands with the manager.  I hope to hear from the mortgage broker tomorrow, so we can get things moving along, choose a program (FHA or Conventional) and lock in.  I was told that the fees will be the same, the rates are the same and that we would be given the same closing help.  I am going to be optimistic!

If you have been following me, you probably remember when we ran into a lot of problems in the beginning.  One of the problems had to do with the appraisal.  The appraisal was valid for 6 months.  On the day of our pre-construction meeting, we found out that our new house would not be ready until after the appraisal's expiration date of 8/17.  We were furious, because we were told the entire time that they would not have any problems building the house within that 6 month time frame (5 months by the time we signed the contract).  We ended up having to pay $300 (discounted from $400 by the appraiser) for another appraisal to replace the one that would expire 1 week before we settled.

House Update

Our project manager, Josh, is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  The building process has been moving along so smoothly.  He is on top of everything and keeps us up to date.  All of the storm damage has been repaired.  The holes in the roof were repaired, the windows were replaced, the tree leaves and limbs were swept out and the fallen trees were cut up and placed in a pile.

The septic tank was placed in the ground and connected on Thursday 7/5.  I missed this!  I think I missed the well being dug also.  I really wanted to get pictures of both of these processes.  Oh well!

Our siding went up today (7/10)!  We chose Stone Mountain Clay.  I was afraid that it would be too dark, but I love it!  The vinyl floors were also installed today in the Jack & Jill bathroom and guest bathroom upstairs.  The drywall mud was sanded on Saturday (7/7) and the walls were primed with their first coat of paint today.  They began bringing in dirt and grading our yard.  The air conditioning units were installed earlier this week.    

I have a garage full of goodies... my Timberlake Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze (Custom request that I paid an arm and a leg for, but I LOVE them!), railings, interior doors, appliances and bathroom sinks.

My Grandmother

My Uncle Randy

Timmy, Grandmom & Mom

The kids' bathroom floors

Grandmom, Mom & I

My mom taking a sneak peak at the absolutely beautiful cabinets!

I LOVE our Timberlake Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze cabinets!

Too funny.. the workers must plug this up to their generator for a hot meal!

Garage full of goodies, hubby & uncle!

Side Yard

Side View

Stone Mountain Clay Siding

All Aboard!

Sanding the drywall mud

Lined up and ready to go

We have A/C units!

Fireworks along the power lines from the Blue Crabs Stadium... seems a little dangerous, but beautiful!

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  1. VERY good choice on Stone Mountain Clay!!!

    1. i'm thinking that's what we chose too, i'm glad to see it up it looks really nice

    2. You'll love it! It looks so dark in the model home against all of the lighter siding choices, but it looks perfect when it is up.

  2. I love that the drywall man posed for a picture for you. lol. Good luck with the mortgage stuff. That's so annoying that you had to pay for another appraisal. They couldn't have found a way to shave ONE week off of the schedule? Looks like things are coming along nicely though!

    1. LOL... we have had the friendliest crews. Yes, very annoying. They said that they were pushing it with the date that fell 1 week after the appraisal expired. The way they are moving now, it seems like they could finish sooner.

  3. Hey Maria!! Today is a good day!!! It looks like Xmas in your garage!! Lots of goodies!! Grandma & Mom look absolutely gorgeous!! We both have similar ideas for our dream kitchens. I love love love the cabinets too. Our SR said, I was the first in our community to order them and looked at me strangely. lol I almost chose the Hazel cabinets when I arrived to the tile appointment with M&R but I opted out and stayed with the Butterscotch to use the money towards the Level C tile backsplash. These cabinets are the BOMB! One of the other distinct differences with these cabinets: the spacing between the top drawer and the top of the cabinet is closely knit. This detail creates an elegant touch.

    1. Hey Nadase! They cleared the garage out just as fast as they filled it! The cabinets went in today. I'll post pictures in a little bit. I never noticed the spacing on the cabinets. I'll have to look at my pictures.

  4. Great blog Maria!
    We chose Stone Mountain Clay as well for our siding! Your house is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear you've had a lot to go through with the re-fi, appraisal, etc. Looks like we are in the same stages/close enough so it's nice to find other people that are building with Ryan as well. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks! I just hope that NVR works out everything on their end soon. I never heard from them today. What is your settlement date?

  5. Love the picture of drywall guy! And I love those cabinets!! They are classy.
    I know someone who refied to rent home and buy new home. The bank couldn't do the same type of loan as the first. Waited till near the end to let them know. They had to go to another bank who worked with them and they were able to close a week past the original close date. I really hope it goes well for you.

    1. Thanks! I hope everything works out too! :-)

  6. Love the cabinets! Can't wait to see them installed! It does stink that you have to pay for another appraisal. Maybe they'll get done early and you won't have to pay. The SMC siding looks great. We love our and are so happy that we went with it.

    1. I had went ahead and had the appraisal done immediately after I found out, because I was worried that the prices in my neighborhood would drop. Then we would not have had the required equity to keep it as a rental. The dark siding must be in style now. I see a lot of people going with it. I hope it stays in style for a while! :-)