Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Storm Cleanup, Drywall & Mud - Pictures

The storm cleanup has been continuing over the past few days.  The trees and branches were cut up on Monday and one of the big root balls was pulled out today.  I placed my keys on the trunk of the tree to give you an idea of how big it is.  

I ran into the roofers on Monday while they were placing new shingles on the roof where the holes were repaired. 

I stopped by today and there were 3 guys scraping away excess mortar off of the brick.  The drywall guys were in the house mudding the drywall.

The cleanup began by cutting up the fallen trees

Do you see my keys at the top?  This tree was huge!

Roof repair in progress

Replacing shingles

More trees

They brought the tractors in to move the trees around


I am going to have to fill this gap in with new trees

Scraping excess mortar

The big tree's roots

Scrape, scrape, scrape!

Virginia Barbeque turned construction workers!

These roots are huge!

The roots, my son & I

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  1. Wow! That tree is amazing.

  2. Must have been very old, sorry to lose such a mature tree. You have a big lot!!! They are wasting no time in getting it fixed so that is good. Crazy storms!


    1. I had a love hate relationship with that tree from the beginning! It provided a lot of shade... good for our grass... bad for our house (too dark). Now that the tree is gone and they have cleared out a lot of the brush, I realized how much privacy we lost. The funny thing is that we had joked about it never coming down, because it appeared very healthy. Just when I was starting to accept that we were going to have a dark house, it fell!

  3. I love shade trees, but fear storms that bring them down! Always loved the privacy and shade, but as my husband would say they crap all year long. Too much work!

  4. I imagine it must have been a bit sad for you to see the tree go down like that, but it's good thing that you decided to cut up the trees to clear your area. That will certainly lessen the risk of having one falling on top of your roof and damaging it. In the end, you can make use of the wood to make some wooden furniture in your home!