Monday, July 23, 2012

Let There Be Light & 1 Million Pictures!

We have electricity!!!  The electricians were back today to install all of the light fixtures.  The plumber ran the remaining pipes and will be back tomorrow to install our toilets.  Guardian finished their job.  Our ceramic tile was installed over the weekend.  Also, our PM contacted the concrete company and they are going to come back out to center the walkway. :-)

Next on the schedule: 
  • Asphalt Driveway
  • Grading
  • Stone will be installed on fireplace 
  • Gutters
  • Propane Tank (for fireplace)
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Carpet
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Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout

Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout & Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets

Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout

Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout & Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets

Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout

Shower & Step up from Master Bathroom
Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout

Laundry Room - Ceramic Tile - Brixton 12x12 Mushroom with Harvest grout
(in powder room also)
I had to check my site plan to make sure the walkway was suppose to be straight!

Neighborhood Deer

I hope they visit our house!

My favorite electricians are back!

My powder room mirror was hanging a few days ago. 
Then it disappeared, so I thought that someone took it. 
Nope... I found it under the kitchen sink today!

Recessed Light Canisters

Master Bathroom Bathtub - Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout

Tight Squeeze - Master bathroom ceiling over toilet

Master Bathroom Shower - Stratford Place SD92 with SD95 listello with white grout

Guest Bathrooms - White Cabinets

Oh no... the chandelier is centered with the off-center walkway!!!
Note: They moved it to the right by the end of the day.

My kids said that this would be a good window to crawl out of. 
Absolutely not!!!


Our lot is partially wooded in the back

Our electrician, Roger, has great taste in music! 
I don't understand most of the words, but it has a great beat. 
Listen for yourself:

Going down to the basement

Electric panel #1

A peek inside the electrician's bag!

Double Ovens

Me: Can I take your picture?  Plumber: Why? Me: For my website.  Plumber: Okay!

I think it is safe to say that is he thinking: "What is this crazy lady talking about?"!
He was waiting on the toilets that never arrived, so he'll be back tomorrow. 
I'll have to share the blog with him!

LIGHTS!!!  Do you see the moon?

My now centered chandelier!

Guest Room Bathroom

More lights!

Upgraded Pull-out Faucet

From kitchen: family room to the left, back staircase, dining room & laundry room/garage to the right

We have an address!

The moon

I couldn't get enough of the lights!

Electric Panels

Guardian was back!

Flood Lights

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  1. Go birds!!!

    And the house is beautiful!

  2. You're lucky. Our chandelier was off center, as was our neighbor's across the street in their Avalon, and our PM said they won't move it. He said that they used to center it to the window and people complained that it wasn't centered to the room, so now they center it to the room and that's where it was staying. Drives me nuts!

    Ha ha! We're Ravens fans but my husband grew up in Delaware so his second favorite team is the Eagles. We have some Eagles shirts at my house as well.

    1. It would drive me nuts if it was not centered! As far as I can see, my foyer window is in the center of the foyer. I will have to look from the ground up. From the upstairs, the window is centered in the foyer. Either way, I want the light to be centered with the window! Our foyer window in our current Courtland is not centered, but the foyer light is centered in the foyer. That one does not bother me as much, because our foyer window is not as big as the new one.

    2. I'll have to let my husband know that he is getting Eagles support! The Redskins fans have been giving him a hard time in our area lately!

  3. Gorgeous house, by the way. That master bath is to die for.

  4. Hey Maria, I am digging that window over the tub!! The lights over the address is gorgeous too! I must admit, I got a kick out of the proposed escape window! :-)

    1. Thanks Nadase! I love the lights on the front of the house. I wish they would have given us the same lights on the sides of the garage doors. They installed little dinky lights there! There are too many windows in this house that lead out to the roof! I am going to have a serious talk with them, because they see kids in movies and on tv climbing out of the window. Our house sits about 20 feet too high for that!

  5. Your house is beautiful! I love the corner sink in the kitchen. The chandelier looks great too.

  6. Beautiful!!!! We used Stratford place sd92 for our master surrounds & floor as well - different accent tile, but wow! It is gorgeous!!!! I left flooring appt a little concerned it would be too light, but seeing yours - it's just perfect. So glad they moved the chandelier - that would have driven me nuts!!! Your house is looking just spectacular. It's so cool to see how everyone's is coming along.

    1. You'll love the tile! We chose it after we saw it in the Avalon model in our area. It makes it so much easier when you see options in the models that you like and you already know what they are going to look like. I am glad they moved the chandelier too!

  7. Seeing these pictures is like a sneak-peek of what mine will look like! We got the same double ovens, the same huge window with the same huge chandelier in front of it, and the same upgraded pull-out faucet!

    That window totally looks like a good window to climb out of. You might want to put a sensor on that thing! Ha ha!

    1. I wish there were more Avalon bloggers! I have more pictures to post this evening. A sensor or bars (just kidding)!!! LOL

  8. Great job walking us totally along. The house is going to look great! Congrats!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Love love love that giant master bath. Also be glad your window is centered in your foyer. Ours is not (nor are any Waverlys). We had to choose if we wanted the light centered in the space or centered in the window (we picked space).

    1. Thanks! I am pretty sure that the window is centered in the foyer in this house, which would now make the light fixture centered. I'll have to check tomorrow.

  10. Looks like an Avalon to me! My cousin built an Avalon - right across the street from us. There are certainly things I love about it. The master bath is probably the highlight. It's hard to get that big tub from Ryan Homes. Kudos!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures. It looks lovely!

    1. Thanks! I take a bath about once a year! I would trade that tub for a big shower in a heartbeat! :-)

  11. Nice house!! And I think that WAS a million pictures! We're currently in a Courtland. I didn't know there were so many Ryan Homes related blogs!!

    1. LOL! I think the Ryan Homes blog family is growing every week!

  12. Maria - I've been following like 20 Ryan homes blogs in MD, and yours is SUPER helpful. Thanks! Where are guys building? We are thinking about building with Ryan homes - going to a location in Clinton, MD tomorrow. When I saw the deer in your neighbors yard, I thought, that's where I want build.

    1. Hi A Stewart! We are building in Highland Farm in La Plata, MD (Charles County). I was told that our community was sold out, but according to the website there is one more lot. I am a Maryland licensed realtor, so you can call me with any questions regarding real estate in Maryland. We would love to have you as a neighbor! :-)