Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dig & Waterproofing

I'm a little behind with posting, so I'll share all of my pictures and posts in order.  Ryan Homes dug our hole on May 24, 2012 and poured the foundation while we were on vacation the following week.  We were wondering why they had left the square of earth and roots in the picture below.  As you see in the next picture, it was left in the garage.  I hope that the dirt and rocks that they back filled the garage with do not settle unevenly with this large chunk of the ground. 

As you can see, they installed an ejector pump in the basement that will be responsible for ejecting the sewage to our septic system.  That scares me.  I have never owned a house with a septic system.  I can only hope that it never fails. 

In Maryland they spray a black tar-like substance on the basement walls to waterproof them.  I have noticed on other RH blogs that Ryan Homes has a different waterproofing system in place in other states.  Does anyone know what the difference is?  Which one is better? 

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  1. I don't know about the waterproofing but my guess is that the tar would be somewhat better because there is no way that it would crack like the plastic crate looking stuff that they use up here. That being said....the plastic creates air space between the dirt and the walls so it very well might be better than tar in that it also provides a bit of insulation. Also, the tar can become brittle over time and crack...but I would think that the plastic stuff would do that too. Here's an interesting article about it: http://www.foundation-repair-guide.com/basement-waterproofing.html

  2. Charissa,
    Thanks for the link. I wonder if the different methods are used due to code or different soil types.

  3. I think soil is and climate are the deciding factors.

    The air-gap foundation wrap stuff (they used on our house) keeps a 1/4" channel between the dirt and the concrete. If water gets behind the wrap it runs down, vs pressure forcing it into cracks. The water runs down the channels into a drain pipe system that surrounds the foundation and ends up in the sump pit eventually. It is supposed to be a great system that will prevent water getting in even if there are foundation cracks, but its overkill in a lot of areas.

    1. Thanks Mike. That is interesting. I am sure it costs quite a bit more than the tar.

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