Friday, June 29, 2012

Really, Guardian?

I received an e-mail from the Guardian rep yesterday stating that they accidentally installed a cable jack that we had deleted from our contract a few months ago.  The Guardian rep said that she is going to have to send someone out to remove it.  Otherwise, we will receive a bill from Guardian in the mail for $150 after settlement.  No thanks!  They can have it back, but is it really worth it to them to send someone all the way out to La Plata, MD just to remove it?  Insulation went up yesterday and drywall is scheduled for tomorrow.

We deleted the cable jack from our contract a few months ago, because we realized that it would sit back to back with the family room cable jack, as you can see in the picture below.  We can cut a hole and pull that through in a matter of minutes after we move in.   

I told the Guardian rep that it sounded like more trouble than it was worth to send someone out there to remove it versus just leaving it there.  She said that it would be, but that they would be charged $150.  I have no idea who was going to charge them, when they are the ones doing the charging?!?  It is going to cost them more to remove it than it would to leave it.  Leaving it would be a $150 mistake, removing it would make it a $300 mistake, right (double the work)?  They can have the cable back, but I expect everything to be exactly as it was.  The Guardian technician fastened all of the cable and CAT5 really tight together on the run to the basement.  I told the Guardian rep that insulation was scheduled for that day and that I didn't want all of the insulation out of place and the other cables pulled out of place during this pull from basement to the first floor study.  I forgot to tell them to bring a can of spray foam to seal up the hole after they are finished!

Here's my problem with this situation...

This would have never happened if Guardian had walked the house with me as I was told they would when I sat down with them during the initial meeting.  Apparently, they are trying to cut back and one of the cutbacks happens to be the pre-Guardian installation walk through with the customer where they mark all of the installation locations.  As you probably remember, we already dealt with a problem that could have been avoided in the master bedroom with a cable jack that did not have an outlet next to it (the electricians ended up sucking it up, not Guardian).  It would also have been avoided if they had showed up on Friday when they were scheduled while the electricians were there.  Guardian came on Monday instead... no rush on their part, but now there is a mad rush in place to remove the cable before drywall goes up tomorrow!  Guardian could not go above and beyond to walk the house with me, but they can go above and beyond to spend man hours on avoiding giving away a free cable jack.  Go figure!

I would have rather had those man hours spent with me - walking the house, marking locations and getting an explanation of their products and installation process.  


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Laid!

The brick has been laid!  Insulation is next, then drywall.  

I am starting to get really excited as I see everything coming together.  I met with our PM for our pre-drywall meeting this morning.  Everything went great!  The recessed light in the kitchen was moved and an extra outlet was added next to the cable outlet in our bedroom (they couldn't move the original one over due to code).

Mi gran amigo! (My strong friend!)

Kitchen with the 1 light moved to the left

Master bedroom tray ceiling looking into closets and bathroom

Morning Room

Master bedroom sitting room looking out into hallway

Jack & Jill Bathroom

Leading down to the family room


Basement & Water Heater

Just a few more bricks to go!

Almost there!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Kitchen Lights, Guardian & Brick Progress

I stopped by the house just in time to catch the Guardian technician today.  He was moving along quickly.  We didn't purchase much from Guardian... just a few cable and phone outlets.   

Note: Make sure your cable and phone outlets are marked, so the electricians place electric outlets next to them.  Guardian was suppose to come out on Friday at the same time as the electricians, but they rescheduled for today, so we have a cable outlet in the middle of the wall with electric outlets on opposite ends of the wall.  We would have to use an extension cord to plug in our tv in our bedroom.   

The electricians have to come back anyway to install a recessed light in the kitchen, so our PM marked the wall in our bedroom to have the electricians move the outlet closer to the cable outlet.  We also requested to have a recessed light moved over in the kitchen (see pic below).  We put three of the recessed lights on one switch (one was an extra one that we purchased at the contract signing), so we can switch them out with pendant lights later.  This left no lighting on one end of the kitchen when the pendant lights are turned off.  We would have had a dark spot in the kitchen if the light circled in red remained that close to the one circled in yellow.  Other than that the brick is coming along nicely.

Next up, pre-drywall inspection on Wednesday, June 27th,  insulation is being installed on Thursday, June 28th, inspections on Friday and the drywall might start going up this weekend.

Emailed to our PM regarding the recessed light placement


Last phase of the brick

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Plumbing, Brick, Electric, HVAC & Railings... Oh my!

Wow, things are moving along so fast!  We had a very hot week this week in Maryland, so I surprised the crews with popsicles on 3 of my 100 10 visits this week!

Monday, June 18
  •   Plumbers started
Wednesday, June 20 
  • Plumbers finished (bathtubs, showers & indoor sprinkler system were installed )
  • HVAC units were installed
Thursday, June 21
  • Brick started going up
Friday, June 22 
  • Electricians started
  • Brick continued to go up
Saturday, June 23
  • Electricians finished 
  • Outdoor basement exit rails were installed
  • Brick continued to go up
Wires galore!

Going up!

Septic drain covered with a bucket until the septic tank is installed

Men at work!

Uh oh!  The sprinkler pipe broke.  I hope my floors are okay.

More wires

Day 3 of brick.. still going!

2nd floor bedroom

So many wires...

Outdoor railings

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Friday, June 22, 2012

From a 9 Year Old's Perspective

My 9 year old decided that he wanted to wear the camera around his neck and snap pictures on our visit to our new house on Tuesday, June 19th.  Here are a few of his pictures, pictures that would not have been captured if I had not handed my camera over!

Dirt that will be mixed with the brick mortar

This is where the septic will exit the house from the basement.

Looking down from the second floor.

I have no idea which room this is!  Nevermind, I just realized that it is my room (upside down!). 

Bathtubs with a view!

There are pieces of granite mixed in with the gravel in the driveway.

The ladders are tied up and locked to the studs!

Seed Corn???

Looks like a crime scene!

I was drawing and outline of the driveway to show my husband how it will curve.

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