Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ryan Homes + Social Media

Have you been to RyanHomes.com lately?  If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of their page, you will find their social media links that I have pictured below. 

I would have added the links to the top of the page where they can be viewed without having to scroll down.  I always stopped in the middle of the page to click on the "Find a New Home" link.  I did not realize until recently that they had joined the world of social media.  They have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ account, YouTube Channel, Pinterest account and even a blog!  As far as communicating with their audience goes, they are doing a great job so far.  They are very responsive.  

I have been very heavily involved in social media for the past few years and I have worked with quite a few major companies on social media campaigns.  I would love to get behind the scenes and see how Ryan Homes is utilizing the information that they are collecting from their social media outlets.  Are decisions and changes being made on the spot or is the information being compiled for use at a later time?     

Ryan Homes is known for their beautifully decorated models.  I have never walked into a Ryan Homes' model that I did not love.  They spend a lot of money on decorating their model homes.  It makes it much easier for potential RH homeowners to choose colors and upgrades based on the combinations that they see in the models.  Ryan Homes should consider creating boards on Pinterest that feature all of their model homes like Stanley Martin has done here.  For the past few weeks, I have been relying heavily on my fellow RH bloggers for color combinations.   Recently, I found a few "Featured Community of the Week" posts with pictures on their Facebook page that have been helpful.

What would you like to see Ryan Homes do with their social media sites or information collected from these outlets?  Has anyone had any issues resolved or seen any suggestions implemented as a result of posting them on their blog?  What have you found most useful on their social media sites?

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  1. Ryan Homes could get a wealth of information if they had someone just browse through the logs and seeing the things that people wanted or had issues with. I am not sure if they do this but to me it would make good business sense.

    1. I read on another blog that Ryan Homes does read the blogs that are out there. I am just wondering if we will see immediate changes or responses or if it will take months to years to implement changes. The benefit of social media is that it is here and right now. There are posts being posted every day by buyers that are currently in the process of building. RH does not have to wait for feedback via a survey that is mailed out after settlement. They can capture so much more information on the blogs than they could via a survey. Most people do not like to fill out lengthy surveys. Blog posts are written over an extended period of time and are usually written in great detail.

  2. I am so, so, so with you! I am a social media consultant and a "mommy blogger" and would love to consult with Ryan on their SM presence. I've tried, but they don't seem interested. It's too bad.

    Following you know! I know a lot of MD bloggers- I am sure we know the same people!

    Feel free to give me a follow- www.ryanravenna.com

    1. Hi Erica,

      I love meeting other bloggers! I think Ryan Homes only wants to be portrayed in a good light, so they pick and choose the featured bloggers carefully! I am adding you to my blog roll.

    2. Thank you! Adding you too... Are you near the Momz Share gals in DC/Baltimore area?