Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Few Colors Down, A Few to Go!

Most of our colors have been finalized.  Here is what we have chosen so far...

They are all starting to look the same!
My mom
Kitchen... maybe

Cherry Floor against FP
Master Bathroom
Narrowing it down

Hazelnut Cabinet - My dream kitchen
The 2nd and 3rd bathrooms upstairs
Semi-Final selections minus shag carpet

We originally chose the pictured shag carpet for the basement, but we are changing it to berber tomorrow.  Dina at CTI (Creative Touch Interiors) was very accommodating.  We love the look and feel of the shag, but I think it would be more suitable in a family room, not an entire basement.  I always think back to a story my mother told me about the shag carpet that her and my father had in the 70's.  She said that my father dropped a toothpick in the carpet and they could not find it.  Losing things in my carpet, especially in a large area like the basement, does not go over well with me!  We have berber in our current basement, so we were just looking for a change.  I read stories about shag carpet matting down in high traffic areas.  The shag we had picked out was only a level 2 and had the same durability rating as level 1.  Our berber carpet in our current basement still looks brand new, so we'll just stick with berber. 

In my opinion, the pictured ceramic tile for the kitchen does not go well with Santa Cecilia granite if we end up getting a yellow batch.  My mom and I could see red in the ceramic tile, but the person helping us said that it was brown.  The pictures do not represent the true colors very well.  I called M&R Floors on Tuesday to see if I could get an appointment with a designer (if they had hired one yet).  I explained my concerns about the color and the lady that answered the phone said that the tile I chose does have red in it.  Ugghhh... I knew it!  When I told her who helped me, she suddenly changed her story and said that there are many colors in that tile and that everyone sees it differently.  I told her that my appointment with CTI went much better.  She asked me how so and became very unfriendly.  She said that the guy who helped me was the general manager and that I should appreciate him taking his time out to come in on a weekend to assist me during my appointment.  Wait a minute, I scheduled my weekend appointment over a month ago and the fact that their salesperson decided to quit right before my appointment was not my problem.  She said that she would call me back the next day and to no surprise... she did not.

The tile that I chose is a level C and it is over $2,000 more than the level A ceramic tile, so I want it to match and look good.  Or why bother upgrading?  According to my price sheet from RH, it is $2,000, but according to my M&R Floors it is $2,300.  Hopefully, that will be an easy battle since I have documentation! In the meantime, I have been in contact with Datile via their Twitter page.  They said that their product team will help me find a color that goes well with Santa Cecilia granite.     

I hope that the custom request order for hazelnut cabinets is honored, so I can run hardwood into the kitchen and not have to worry about ceramic tile or which batch of granite I am going to get.  As you can see, the ceramic tile company had the Timberlake Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze cabinets.  I looked at that combination and loved it without any hesitation!

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  1. I can see the concern if the granite came in and looked too close to the tile color. Great color selections though! We picked the same white andover cabinets for the bathrooms.

    1. Thanks! The white cabinets white cabinets are great in the bathroom, because you can go with any color scheme. Bright, light, dark, pastel, fluorescent, etc.

  2. I love your selections. Hopefully you are given the approval for the cabinets so you don't have to deal with finding the right tile. I visited our flooring place (Rite Rug) three times to make sure I was happy with our choices. Don't let them make you feel back for ensuring you pick exactly what you want.

    1. Hi Rachel, That makes me feel better. I was being treated as if I was the first one to ever ask to go back to revisit my choices. The cabinets were approved today!!!! They are charging $7,495 for them ($805 more than the butterscotch). I didn't want to pay anymore, but am going to go ahead and get them.

  3. The lost toothpick story made me laugh. I see an image of people looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack for hours only to be defeated by the shag.

    1. LOL! I imagine stepping on it and having it go through my foot!

  4. Yay! So happy that you are able to get the cabinets you want! They are beautiful! Can't wait to see all of your choices together!