Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cabinet Choices - Beware!

I just found out that the Maple Espresso Timberlake cabinets that we are being charged over $4,000 more for have veneer doors.  To go with the solid hardwood doors, we have to change our color choice.  The solid hardwood cabinets only cost $600 more, but the color choices are very limited.  If you are purchasing a Ryan Home, please be aware that all of the Timberlake cabinets are not solid hardwood.

Here is the manufacturer's website with a breakdown of the collections that are offered by Ryan Homes: http://www.timberlake.com/cabinets/ 

Veneer Cabinet Doors
  • Scottsdale Maple Cognac
  • Scottsdale Maple Espresso
  • Tahoe Cherry Bordeaux
Solid Wood Cabinet Doors
  • Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux
  • Wyoming Cherry Spice
  • Rushmore Maple Glaze Butterscotch
Considering this, I am starting to lean towards the Wyoming Cherry Spice cabinets.  I feel like I am getting a much better deal for just $600 more.  I already took the dive for $4,000, what's $600 more?!!!  I was sold on the Espresso cabinets for a while, but I am worried that I will get tired of them quickly.  I also heard that they show scratches, smudges and dust.  Ryan Home Buyers, please give me feedback on your color selection and/or experience with your cabinets.   

I have a custom order request in with our sales rep to see if we can get another color that is offered by Timberlake in one of the solid wood categories.  I am requesting the Timberlake - Wyoming Cherry Chocolate Glaze cabinets.  Has anyone ordered pendant lights over their island?  If so, how much did they charge you?

I would ask my sales rep, but a new rule was just implemented in my region last week... there is a $500 for any custom change request.  We will be charged $500 on our HUD1 for any custom price requests, whether they are accepted or rejected by Ryan Homes.   UPDATE: My sales rep clarified the new rule for me... We have to pay $500 for any custom change request and that $500 will be credited back to us on our HUD1 at settlement.

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  1. Wow! I guess they are really trying to discourage custom requests. I hope you are approved to pick another cabinet. I remember another blogger was able to do that.

  2. I hope they are able to work with us on the cabinets. I am afraid that they are going to come back at asking for thousands more for the Timberlake - Wyoming Cherry Chocolate Glaze cabinets.

  3. I'm so surprised about the custom change request. Seems like the wrong direction for RH to go -- especially if they are going to try to compete with other builders in the over 3,000 sqft mid-priced builds. Not sure who you've got in Md, but in Pa they are up against Heartland and S&A on these bigger houses and both competitors are winning customers on the customization options.

    Keep us posted on the cabinets. We chose the Espresso because we really liked the bold look (with lighter Luna Pearl granite). The veneer thing is news to me and super annoying!

    We are getting rough-ins for 4 pendant lights over our island. And then will choose and install them ourselves. RH was super accommodating. They charged us $100 a pop -- same price as a recess light.

  4. I asked my sales rep about the new $500 fee and she said that it was applied to our region, because we have a higher sales volume than other regions. They are going up against KB Homes, Stewart Kret and Lennar Homes in our area (Maryland). Recessed lights are $125 in our region. They said that we can have recessed lights installed and then switch them out for pendant lighting after we go to settlement.

  5. I tried to get the hazelnut cabinets but, was told that the only cabinets available were on the selection sheet. (I'm in Maryland) Depends on the Sales Rep and his/ her willingness to put forth effort to ask the question.