Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to the beginning of our journey!

Welcome to the beginning of our journey as we set out to build an Avalon model with Ryan Homes!  We signed a contract with Ryan Homes over a month ago to build the Avalon model.  We have been driving ourselves crazy with colors.  We have gone back and forth between the Butterscotch cabinets and the Espresso cabinets.  We finally ruled the Butterscotch cabinets out after realizing how yellow they actually were.   This is the original white kitchen that we fell in love with (offered by Richmond Homes).  This color is considered Hazelnut, with more of a brown undertone and the Butterscotch cabinets that are offered by Ryan Homes have more of a yellow undertone. 

Richmond Homes' Model - This is my first choice, but it's not a Ryan!

Ryan Homes Butterscotch Cabinets - Avalon Model
It is hard to capture in the picture, but the Butterscotch cabinets offered by Ryan Homes had a cheap look to them, especially considering the fact that they charge $6,800 more for them. 

UPDATE: I just found a color by Ryan Homes' cabinet manufacturer that looks like the cabinets in the first picture.  It is called Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze cabinets.  They do not have any traces of yellow in them.  I added this to my custom option price request yesterday.  I hope they are the same price as the Butterscotch, considering they are the same grade and from the same cabinet manufacturer.  I also have a request in for a price on the Timberlake - Wyoming Cherry Chocolate Glaze cabinets.  Cherry Chocolate Glaze resembles the following cabinets offered by Steuart-Kret:
Steuart-Kret Model

Now to the Espresso cabinets that we were able to preview in the Zachary Falls' model in Maryland.  I like them, but I do not like the Espresso cabinets combined with a wood floor.  If we go with the Espresso with are going to opt for a ceramic tile floor.  We will not know what are tile choices are until we meet with M&R Floors later this week.

Ryan Homes Espresso Kitchen Cabinets - Zachary Falls Model

 So, what do you think?  Are the Espresso cabinets too bold?  Should I stick with something "safer", such as the Cognac cabinets pictured below in a Ryan Homes' Avalon model?

Ryan Homes Cognac Kitchen Cabinets - Avalon Model
To make things more complicated, I found another combination that I like as I searched other Ryan Homeowners' blogs.  This following kitchen features Cherry Bordeaux cabinets and Santa Cecilia granite.  I would still opt for ceramic tile floors with this combination. 

Ryan Homes Cherry Bordeaux Kitchen Cabinets with Santa Cecilia Granite ( 
Cherry Spice Kitchen Cabinets (more of a brown tone in person)
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